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Is it haram to get fake nails?

.Is it haram to get fake nails?
Bismillah Rahman Raheem

Assalamu'alaikum Warahamtullahi Wabarakatuh

Yes, you can have fake nails only if you make sure that those are not too long and claw-like nails. Also, you will have to remove them while you are performing Wudu(Ablution). You will also have to cover them in front of a non-mehram.

Most women nowadays have fallen into the trap of resembling savage animals with their long claw-like nails, which they then paint with nail polish. This ugly appearance looks utterly repulsive to any intelligent person whose fitrah is sound. Another bad habit that many people have is to leave one nail long. All of this is clearly contrary to the ways of the fitrah. We ask Allah to keep us safe and sound. Allah is the Guide to the Straight Path.

Hope this helps.

Your brother in IslamIs it haram to get fake nails?
I hope not because if so the female population of Beirut is in serious trouble.
I don't think so as long as the fake nails are removable..
No. But if they are for beautification, you have to cover your hands in the presence of non-mehrams. You also can't do a valid wudu with fake nails on, so you will have to remove them five times a day or only use them when you are having your period.
It's not haram to wear jewellery, provided you are female, so why would it be haram to wear fake nails.

Did you expect that some type of covering will be ordered for your hands?
Your changing your body that God gave you and Muslims are reqiured to keep their nails short. I would say it's haraam but that is just my opinion.
Whats the intention.
When you do wudhu the water has to touch the nail, that's why we shouldn't use polish. Unless you plan on taking off the nails each time you do wudhu, you shouldn't get them
If you wear it to show off, it's haram. If you wear it to attract guys, it also haram. by the way, you must removed it so that water can go thru when preparing for salah.
as long as u remove them during wudu they are not fake hair i heard is haram ...logic unknown
You should not ask is it haraam? but you should turn the question arround:

Why would i take these fake nails?

Imam Malik has said clear that the auwrah is even the womans fingernails, so they should been covered in front of non mahram males..

Fake nails cover the real nails, so you could wear them (you are not aldultering your body, like piercings or tatoos). But there is a real heavy negative side effect.... At least for me...

To make your wudu valid (which is a condition for a valid prayer and fast) the water should touch your real fingernails...

In order this to achieve, you must take them off before making wudu (fake nails are the same ruling insha Allah like nailpolish). Afterwards, you can putt them on. This at least 5 times a day....

I have worn them on Eid al Adha after fadjr untill zuhr came and after isha untill i went to bed.. But i must say it was a bit messy with the glue. That afterwards i found it a waste of money and time (the glueing, the waiting, taking them off, cleaning).

So i advise don't start with it...

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