Friday, May 14, 2010

Does it hurt to take off fake nails?

i just put on fake nails they last about 1 week and i wanted to know if it hurts to take them out

the are kiss everlasting nailsDoes it hurt to take off fake nails?
Soaking them in warm water for about 10-15 minutes will soften the glue and make it easier to remove. If they are hard-core acrylics, get them removed by a professional. (Sorry I'm not familiar with the brand you got!)Does it hurt to take off fake nails?
by the end of the week, the glue will be worn off, and they might just fall off.. use a nail to take the other nails off, but if they wont come off, dont yank them off 1) they will hurt 2) it can damage your nails 3) you might even pull your nail off. someone already said this, but use an acetone based nail polish remover, and soak your nails for like 20 minutes, the acetone basically melts the fake nail and make it very soft, so you can just peel it off
Make sure you soak them in warm water for a while. It doesn't really hurt to take them off, unless you take them off right after you put them on. However, since they've been on for a week, and they're already probably starting to fall off, it won't be painful. Just be careful that you didn't glue the nail to your skin cause that can kinda hurt to take off. Sometimes the nail kit will come with a little wooden stick thing that you can use to sorta pry the nails off with. Just make sure to soak them!
Soak them in acitone and it will take them off. Because sometimes with Kiss fake nails your skin gets stuck to the glue so it does hurt to take them off. If you nails are already falling off it might not hurt. If you feel uncomfterble with taking them off because it hurts then soak them in acitone.
its not unbarable pain.

but it will hurt a little

just soak them in hot water for a bit, and slowly take them off

like maybe try for a bit, then try later, i always get fake nails.


good luckk

have a good day:)
it depends how much glue u put on. if u put a lot on the edges of the nail it will hurt but if u just put it in the center i shouldnt. i used fake nails and they normally dont hurt. GOOD LUCK...;)
If you are talking about the ones you apply yourself at home, then it will likely only hurt a bit. Just soak them in water for a while and see if it helps loosen the glue.
Ya it hurts your peeling your nail off! Make sure to get them professionally removed or soak your hand in warm watcher with remover solution so there moist and wont hurt that bad.
it wont hurt, all you'll need to do is soak it in acetone, or u can use finger nail polish remover. it'll take a while though! hope that helps!
the ones with superglue no not really ive used them b4! the longer they stay one the glue will wore out

there not profesional nails no point of soaking them~!!!!! just peel them of

!u may feel a little pressure thats it!
It will most likely hurt...

Have a great day!
heck yeah specially when they crack in half...

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