Friday, May 14, 2010

Fake nails & super glue?

I stupidly thought it was a good idea to use super glue to stick my fake nails back on the other day and didnt really think about the conceqences..

so has anyone got any ideas of how to remove these nails without pulling off my own?


=(Fake nails %26amp; super glue?
Iv'e also found my self in the same situation as you once. It's not necessarily a stupid idea applying super glue on your nails, after all they do intend to last longer. ALL you have to do is use hot water on yor nails. but do not attempt to use boiling water, you do not want to burn your hands off and dont' use luke warm, coz it wont work, just put warm/hot water on a basin and leave your hands in it for about 15min then add a little of lemon juice for about 10min so your hands dont look chaped, Try it, it realy works beautifuly and be patient.Fake nails %26amp; super glue?
they will eventually just fall of or you can bite them off little by little or soke them in polish remover or go to a nail place and ask them to take them off
Soak your fingers in nail polish remover, ti will eat away at the super glue and then the nails will be easier to pull off.
This site has tips about removing super glue鈥?/a> - though I would personally avoid the sandpaper part since you are dealing with your hands. Good luck!
soak your fingers in acetone based finger nail polish for about 30-45 mins. then GENTLY peel your fingernails off. i'm not going to lie. it might hurt a little, but if will hurt less after you soak them. p.s you can buy acetone base finger nail polish remover at any store right next to the regular finger nail polish remover for the same price. good luck

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