Friday, May 14, 2010

How do you take fake nails off?

i've had these fake nails on for over a week, and i need to take them off because i have a cheerleading competition tomorrow, and it hurts when i stunt and stuff... my friend told me to soak them in rubbing alcohol?

any ideas?How do you take fake nails off?
Soak in hot water. The glue will be wet and your nails will slip off. I think, I never worn fake nails before.How do you take fake nails off?
your friend is right soak them in rubbing alcohol
You can certainly do the isopropyl alcohol. It does soften most of the false nails on the market to allow them to disolve. But honestly your best bet is to have them removed by the nail technician. You may end up peeling off delicate layers of the nail (I have on many occasions) which will leave your nail bed prone to bacteria and possible infection. You could also cut the tips off of your nails for the length that you need and allow them to grow out naturally. This will save time from soaking and will still allow you to compete comfortably tomorrow. Having them completely removed may leave delicate tissue, and they have been known to ache afterwards. Good luck with both the nails and the competition!
Soak them in acetone.
Your best bet is to go to any nail salon and have them remove the nails for you.
soak them in polish remover
what i usually do is clipp them down and then off when ever u want, it becomes easier to take them of or when u have clipped them small they probably wont bother u.
Soak them in rubbing alcohol for an hour (while your watching TV or something) and every 10 minutes wiggle them a little to loosen it up. They should be able to come off easier that way. Or you can go back to the place you got them done and they will take them off for you.
thats retarded.

no don't soak them in rubbing alcohol.

soak them in acetone.
You can soak them in nailvarnish remover %26amp; this will ease them off, then in hot water.

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